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Ladycross Quarry – Worked for over 300 years


Ladycross Stone is ideal for cutting into random sized blocks. The vertical sides of the blocks can be sawn so that they will fit neatly together with a minimum width of joint.



Ladycross stone is level bedded. A standstone soft enough to work when first quarried but durable when exposed to the air making it an ideal roofing material.



Fireplaces, window seats, basin tops, shower bottoms and flooring – Ladycross stone is so versatile.



Random or slab; Ladycross stone make beautiful paving with its natural range of hues.



Ladycross stone can create a fabulous feature for your garden, patio or entrance.



Mullions, lintels, quoins – Ladycross Stone is suitable for virtually all finishings. It can even be used as a sculpture medium.


Ladycross Stone

Ladycross Stone is a sedimentary sandstone, soft enough to be worked when first quarried but then starts to harden making it very durable. This durability is what makes organisations like English Heritage recommend Ladycross Stone for listed buildings in many parts of Britain. Ladycross Stone has been quarried by hand at Ladycross Quarry for at least 300 years (no explosives are used) and is one of the few remaining quarries where stone is won by hammer and wedge.

Whilst historically Ladycross Stone has been used mostly for roofing 50% now goes for 'new build' such as house building stone, crazy paving and fire places. We also specialise in natural quarried finger stones which can be anything from one to four metres in length.