Ladycross Quarry – In the heart of Northumberland

In the early days of the quarries' present management, it was noticed that frogs were laying spawn in puddles which soon dried up. The idea was born to create pools or ponds which would retain water all year round. At this time there was only about 6sq ft. of frogs-spawn. We found that making these ponds attracted a wealth of other wild life, including Osprey seen annually and a Red Kite. These being only a part of the total of 147 species of birds observed here to date. 10 species of dragon and damsel flies are breeding on and around the ponds and 14 species of butterflies have been spotted. In addition it provides a habitat for hundreds of different plants - some of which are specalised. Now we boast some 119sq.ft of frogs spawn annually!

Whilst the business of Ladycross quarry is to extract stone which in turn is used to impart beauty to our urban environment, we feel that we have a duty of care to the environment here at the quarry, and the provision of a wild-life sanctuary goes some way to restoring the area to it's own natural beauty.

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